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About Sharon

Nationally recognized educator, author, and presenter, Sharon Taberski is a leader in the field of early reading instruction. A classroom teacher for 28 years, Sharon currently works in school districts throughout the country helping teachers set up reading and writing workshops and think systematically about how to best accomplish their goals. She also presents keynotes and seminars throughout the US and Canada.

In her latest book, Comprehension from the Ground Up, Sharon cuts through the pressurized, strategy-overloaded, fluency-crazed atmosphere surrounding reading instruction to lay out reading and workshop practices that are most effective in the primary grades. The companion DVD, Lessons from the Ground Up, shows Sharon in the classroom, modeling effective ways to develop comprehension in real-life classroom settings through exemplary teaching techniques.

Sharon is also the author of It’s ALL About Comprehension, Teaching K-3 Readers from the Ground Up, a six-hour DVD set for long-term staff development that shows how to re-envision comprehension instruction through rich and varied comprehension-building experiences. Sharon’s On Solid Ground: Strategies for Teaching Reading K-3 revolutionized the way primary teachers approach reading and remains a classic in the field.

Sharon's interests include:

all aspects of reading comprehension, including accurate fluent reading, background knowledge, oral language and vocabulary, reading-writing connections, and a repertoire of meta-cognitive strategies

thinking systematically about the components of balanced literacy

managing and implementing a reading and writing workshop approach

improving the quality of independent reading

exploring how writing impacts students' reading

providing opportunities for students to express their ideas and engage in thoughtful conversations with peers

Books and Multimedia

“Sharon describes teaching that is focused, meaningful, and cohesive… I wish every child could have Sharon Taberski for their teacher.”
–Nell K. Duke,
Michigan State University
“In this era of YouTube and quick-click information gathering, novice and veteran teachers benefit from succinct, visual ‘show me to teach me’ professional development. To answer this need, I developed Lessons from the Ground Up.”
–Sharon Taberski
“Sharon is the consummate teacher across the hall, willing to share her best practice, her materials, her management, and most of all, the wisdom she has acquired from years of devotion and study.”
–Shelley Harwayne, founding principal of the Manhattan New School
"Reading and writing. Talking and learning. It's all about comprehension."
-Sharon Taberski